Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Idol Night!

Hello Kids !

Tonight we get the "pleasure" of hearing the idol contestants sing, R&B and SOUL.....

And our mentor is none other than !!! Usher ... wait ... when was his last hit song ????? ahwell ...  here goes Nothin! Welcome to the TOP 10 !!!!

Backstage.. Simon and Ellen Kiss... awkward.. 

Ryan refers to Usher as the Big Dogs ..... and the begin by playing a song that was popular when I was in High School ... I'm pretty sure that was when most of these people were in elementary ... yeek. ( at least 1/2)

wheeew boy . 

First up is Siobhan .... Singing "Through the Fire" -  I have a love hate relationship with her glasses... they are SO odd.. but so is she... 
Let's see if she takes Ushers Style advice- and tones it down ....... (oh and please no screaming .. please please please) - what a poor song choice... and  she is pitchy ... 

P.s her boots are ugly as hell. Almost as hellish as this performance . 
To vote for Siobhan dial 1-866-436-5701 Or Text the word "vote" to 5701 

Casey is up next, heres  to hoping he looks and sounds better than the screamer :)
Singing "Hold On, I'm Coming" Rocking it out on the electric guitar.. this is his element .. and his voice sounds great, and he LOOKS like a star tonight .. LOVING Casey tonight ! for the second week in a row!!! WOO!
To vote for Casey dial 1-866-436-5702 Or Text the word "vote" to 5702 (DO it! DO it!) 

A love song from Big Mike next .. "Ready For Love" This could be a good night for Mike. 
I really am Loving his performance, aside for his location. he should be center stage.. NOT on the little platform .. had he staged it differently , He may have had "a moment" but .. meh .. it was just alright .
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Didi is singing next... and supposedly she got emotional when meeting Usher.. No Big surprise there.. when is she NOT emotional ??
"What becomes of the brokenhearted"..... really ? I like her dress.. hate her voice... and her hair .. and makeup. 
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Tim Urban is bringing us some "Sweet Love" next .. we'll see. 
Tim reminds me of Clark Kent... Just sayin'...
If this goes as well as it did with Usher ... it's not going to go well .. yeeek . Let's see....
I'm not going to lie. This song sucks. Really sucks.  His tone, is nice... but the song is so bad.. and the weird octave jumps are distracting. Basically. I hated the song more than I hated him ? ( wow, after judgement .. he is Such a goon)
To vote for Tim dial 1-866-436-5705 Or Text the word "vote" to 5705

Andrew Garcia is next .. and I decided this week to listen to some of his pre-idol youtube performances. and he is SO good.. and I wanted to see if his Straight up performance was overrated.. IT WASN'T .. I want SO badly for Andrew to pull through this week .
Singing "Forever, By Chris Brown. Acoustic. 
Okay. EONS better than he has been..
I liked it . I didn't LOVE it . But he is on the ROAD to recovery . Thank you Andrew :)
To vote for Andrew dial 1-866-436-5706 Or Text the word "vote" to 5706

Next up , Katie takes on Aretha ..... which she can't do .. so this should be interesting.
"Chain of Fools"
First - did they replace Katie with Snookie ? Poof? Jumpsuit ?
Second -she is WAY to Vanilla for this song .. just as I suspected. 
Third- I'm pretty sure McPhee did this .. only furthering her as the mini less talented McPhee. 
Not good. IMO.
To vote for Katie dial 1-866-436-5707 Or Text the word "vote" to 5707

Lee is up next- Singing "Treat her like a lady" I could use someone treating me like a lady ... ahem, anyyywho!!  Usher tells Lee that he has an "Incredible Voice" - So lets hear it Lee!! 
His voice is nice. I am liking this performance, all except for the corny background vocals... I could do without them. The funny thing about Lee, is you can see him thinking.. you see it right in his eyes and between his eyes .. oh .. and he tanked the last note.  But great song for him . 
To vote for Lee dial 1-866-436-5708 Or Text the word "vote" to 5708

Crystal Is up next Singing "Midnight Train to Georgia" and wearing heels.. with any luck she falls. 
Great, she gets to sit ... no fair.   And she's up! 
I really didn't mind the start to this song , Hated the power parts.. she proved to me tonight that she is NOT a multi faceted singer and cannot sing high.  Further proving that she will not make it in the real worth of music. 
To vote for Crystal dial 1-866-436-5709 Or Text the word "vote" to 5709

Final singer of the night is Aaron singing "Aint no Sunshine"
Poor kid.. this could be brutal. (or great if Usher is right .. )
He's Nervous.. right off the bat. I like the body thrust .. haha ! He didn't really take Usher's advice with the dynamic "I know's ", he should have. A bland performance. Nothing to write home about.
To vote for Aaron dial 1-866-436-5710 Or Text the word "vote" to 5710

Well! Casey takes the night for me again! :) Happy Voteing sweeeties! 


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