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SO.. Idol changed the theme for tonight .. It Was SUPPOSED to be teen idols.. which was wayyyy better than Billboard #1's ... but here we are .. Tuesday night ... Billboard #1's... and the freaking Mentor is Miley ... Oh boy .. what a night we are in for....  here goes nothin' kids !

They won't stop talking about Voting .. so Tonight I shall try to make it easier by posting  text/phone numbers... ( To my favorites anyway ... )

I don't really think that Miley has any right to give vocal advice.. SO .. let's see how this goes..

Lee Is up first, "The Letter" By the Boxtop's is his song ... I must say, I  kind of like this song choice for him .... it is a good song. Hope he can make it something special ---  Intro CORNY Music... yea .. this isn't really doing it for me .. I find the arrangement to be corny and out of his range .. Too bad Lee.. and judging by his face ... he might know it .. 
1-866-436-5701, or text the word "Vote" to 5701

Paige is singing a Phil Collins Song ... Gotta be honest, I Love me some Phil ... I hate me some Paige.... 
"Against All Odd's", also done by Mariah Carey .. I know her version a bit more thoroughly... I sort of hope she leans on Mariah for this... OH MAN .. and she is pitchy .. ( Miley called it ) wow ..  I don't think I could have picked a worse song for Paige .. her Low range was NOT cutting it .. she ALMOST was 1/2 ok when she belted .. but not really .. I call an early GO HOME !!! 
1-866-436-5702, or text the word "Vote" to 5702 (don't vote for her though, she sucked)

Time Takes on Queen Next ...... with a "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" ... what a gimmick. 
Miley thinks he rocks .. so far she's called it ... so .. let's see... 
Blank stare ... 

1-866-436-5703, or text the word "Vote" to 5703

Aaron Kelly is up next ... who apparently is Ill.... and has a crush on Miley. Snaggletooth and all. Tonight he sings Aerosmith "Don't wanna miss a thing" .. one of the best songs ... (Did David Cook do this ? Or Daughtry ? probably Daughtry .. but David can sing it to me anytime .. hear that Cookie ? ) He is of course doing the country version ... which irritates me .. because, well it's so bad. And that being said ... David Cook .. I'm waiting on you for this one .. :) 
1-866-436-5704, or text the word "Vote" to 5701-866-436-5701, or text the word "Vote" to 5704

Crystal is up next .. we all know how I feel about Crystal ... and of COURSE she would sing Janis .. "Bobby Mcgee"... bla bla bla. She looks like a homeless, She looked better when she was going through the song with Miley..... Unfortunately ... She has been the best of the night .... Now I shall go wash my mouth with soap .... only because I can't pin HER down and wash her mouth with soap. 
1-866-436-5705, or text the word "Vote" to 5705

Big Mike is singing next .. "When a Man Loves a Woman". One of my least favorite songs of all times. Honestly, I think Mike has a good chance of winning the show. Even though, I don't like him ... nor the song... I didn't dislike his version of the song .. if that makes sense .  I wouldn't buy his cd .. but I'm not sure I'd buy any of the contestants cd's.... He's got the chops and personality to take this show. 
1-866-436-5706, or text the word "Vote" to 5706

Andrew- I'velostallfaithinyou- Garcia is up next with "I've heard it through the grapevine"... I have a hard time thinking of this song in any other way than California Rasin Style.... hahaaa. Not a good sign for my Latin King.  When he met Miley- he was kind of a freak . He seems like he is just ahead of the music .....and I really don't like where he is putting emphasis on the words/phrases... For me, another Lackluster performance 
1-866-436-5707, or text the word "Vote" to 5707

Katie Stevens is up next ... a mini Mcphee, Singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" .. wait .. what ? WHY???- Oh wait, the Fergie version ... which is almost just a bad. It is perplexing me as to why she is only singing out of one side of her face ... well.. It certainly didn't help her .. That was not good . 
1-866-436-5708, or text the word "Vote" to 5708

Casey is doing the 80's Anthem "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis ..... from the title, I can't say I know this song .. maybe when it plays- it will ring a bell ? AHAH ! bell has rung! ok . 
GREAT song choice. Yea .. Casey is owning this. Very happy with this performance ! 
1-866-436-5709, or text the word "Vote" to 5709

Didi is singing next .. "You're No Good" a warning perhaps ?
Her voice might be a little to bubblegum for this song Vs Linda Rondstant who had that deep tone ..... but Didi isn't doing a bad job.  And I like that shes trying new styles . Her facial expressions are a little extreme for me though.. she doesn't need to look SO angry and disgusted.. 
1-866-436-5710, or text the word "Vote" to 5710

Siobhan has the pimp spot (again) singing "Superstition" I really hope she doesn't scream like she did last week.. Stevie would find that unacceptable. First .. She sounds, great . She looks AWFUL.. was her stylist on CRACK ?? Alright .. I take it back . She has GOT to stop screaming . It is not pleasant.  
1-866-436-5711, or text the word "Vote" to 5711

Alright- My fav was Casey. But Overall .. ehh .. kind of a shitty night .. If Paige could go that would be great. We shall see !  

Sweetest of Dreams My Loves !!! 


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