Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smitten Kitchen WANNNAAA BEEEE

 If you know me .. You know I follow a few select Blogs .. One is
and I recently ran into THIS post !

SO here .. Is my version ......  Smitten Kitchen's Bakewell Tart ..Or as I called it, Almond Raspberry Tart.

First you start by making a home made almond paste ... I subbed lemon zest for the original recipes- orange. 
Oh .... You'll need butter too ... 

Use the food processor for this job .. and you'll end up with this LOVELY  mix.

You'll need a crust too.. I used the food processor for this job and it worked like a CHARM...

Ingredients in .. Pulse...


Crust ..  :)

you'll need to freeze or chill the crust .. then you'll have to  spread your raspberry jam in the bottom ( which . I forgot to picture.. )  and then your almond paste on top of that . ( which I also forgot to picture)...

Some of my raspberry peeked up so I swirled it ... But it's sooo pretty isn't it! ?

Once it is al baked.. cool it completely .. then top it with Powdered Sugar...

Chop it up ... and Serve it with your favorite Ice cream .. or in this case Raspberry Sorbet .. DELISH !!!


Please refer to Smitten Kitchen for the recipes .. Afterall , they are all hers  :)

Happy Spring My friends ! 


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