Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol Girls Night 3/3

Hello everyone!  Tonight is Idol Blog # 2…. Girls night after the Strange Crystal Bauersox illness.. so Lets get this thing rolling!!!   I will spare NO feelings tonight I’m feeling especially Harsh ! woo!

SO Crystal is First ! She’s Aliiiivveeeeeee….. Looking a bit ill still ( however, wait… she always does… so no change there ) … She has a twin .. and she carries random junk in her pocket … Shes Singing – Creedence Clearwater- As long as I can see the light – Gotta be honest , I am not really familiar with this song … so I guess I’ll give her a shot .
Nice Start to the song …  Close up of her dirty looking teeth … ahh distraction.
Alright .. I give that a 5 … it wasn’t good , it wasn’t bad .. in fact , I forgot it already.

Oh boy.. to follow that up is Haley … WAY TO MAKE CRYSTAL LOOK GOOD!!!! I hate this girls Lisp…… I forgot about the lisp.. Alright shes singing the really awful song, The Climb. I feel as though someone could CLIMB  her top lip …. has it right …. This girl .. is awful … I mean Really bad.. Miley is better than this girl…. And that doesn’t say much at all.  Go back to Making headbands Honey .. and send me one .. they are awfully cute !

>>cut to the filet of fish commercial .. GAH ….

Lacey Brown …. Coming up .. the red head with the VERY unusual voice … I LOVE this girls style …. And shes got the cutest southern accent. Singing Kiss me , Much better choice than Landslide. Now this is refreshing … I actually am enjoying this.   I will give her a 6.

Up next we have Katie Stevens… My mom’s favorite girl. I personally think she is a goon.  This week she is singing put your records on .. A better choice than last week … So lets hear it … Shes doing VERY well with this song .. as she has nearly an identical voice to Corinne Bailey Rae…….. And she looks cute this week .. unline last week where she looked like a doll. Oddly My fav so far …even though I don’t actually care for her.

Let me just say again – the judges are SO inconsistent.

Didi is singing next … she has such an OLD looking face…The meowing.. I don’t get .. Not even a little … This clip needs to end…
She’s singing lean on me … get to it!...... Shes having a hard time finding the key … and now  that she;s got it .. I’m not loving it.  As one of my friends so eloquently stated it sounds like a chorus of dying cats … Meow meow meow ..

>Side line . Kara says to Didi that she doesn’t get consistency from her… Kara quite frankly- I don’t get Consistency from you .. Just sayin ..
-- Oh HEY , Simon Agreed with me on the Cat theme !!

Michelle.. is singing .. Creed?? Hmm …..Shes Such a prettttty girl!! I didn’t care for her last week .. Lets see how With Arms Wide Open Goes….. I’m most perplexed by her odd little gloves .. which seem to be covering JUST her fingers…… hmm … I feel like .. someone thing was wrong with that song … like we needed way more instrumentation?? Or something .. I don’t know. She  lacks the vocal chops to belt it out with the best of them ….. Sorry Michelle You’re so pretty .. but You’re just not a good singer.

>Again , with Kara being inconsistent … Just sayin’ ( she loved this performance… and now Simon Agrees???)

My personal Fav coming up .. Lilly Scott – Now we all know my Guys Fav , Latin King .. Aka  Andew Garcia Let me down last night .. so lets hope for Lilly!  A change is gonna come is her song …. J Im excited !  Shes just so unique .. I am totally at a loss …  I however would like to reach out to Lilly and ask her to change her eyemakeup . It is Not flattering. I cant deicide if I liked that song or not .. But I Love her.

Caitlyn is taking on .. Coldplay ? wow … I’m So confused with these choices tonight!
Looks like shes wearing one of Haleys Headbands … Betcha they are room mates.  The Scientist !  And her first time playing piano on idol…..  I … Love. This.  LOVE this …
WOW .. she is the dark horse this week .  

>The two worthless judges , fell asleep because they cannot recognize talent … The two good judges will probably want to take back any negativity when they watch back the show … that is my prediction.

Ok .. Paige … Is singing Walk away .. By Kelly Clarkson ……… This concerns me .. If your going to sing an Idol song .. you better Rock it . Shes not rocking it .. That will be all . NEXT!

And Siobhan Closes the show.. the  PIMP spot .. which is odd .. because she is NOT pimp .. but lets she what she pulls out of the bag this week ..  She used to have a Mohawk … I wish she still did……. I would like her more .   She is doing Think , By Aretha tonight …. A classic .. lets she how she does.  Well .. She’s not Black .   Wait … Maybe she is …. That amazing note at the end??? Wtf ! 

Alright , I’m utterly confused……. SO I shall leave you with that ..

Oh wait – My Fav’s Lilly (1866-4365707  or text vote to 5707) and Caitlyn (1866-4365708  or text vote to 5708)  J

Sweet dreams Loves.. Until Next time !


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