Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want ....

Hello everyone … well I am not going to try and Hide my upset .. My two favorite girls were voted off last week .. as well as one of the better boys of the bunch , Alex… soooooo tonight I am going to be especially brutal .. as I don’t like many of the contestants .. nor the theme … The Gall Stones!!! I mean .. Rolling Stones…. Lets just say I hope they are easily passed.

Well the announcer … announcing the judges and Ryan is unnecessary .. and kind of annoying … but I don’t  think its new … I think I am just especially annoyed by it this season/tonight ….  I also wish Ellen wouldn’t wear a tie. (scarf resembling a tie .. w/e )

They are calling the Rolling Stones the Most iconic Band on the Planet ….. I’m sorry I don’t agree, I tend to think more of this little group called .. The Beatles.  Just Sayin’.

Michael Starts the show…. He calls himself the Ham of the family .. Fitting …. Singing Miss You – An R&B type version … The man has no business wearing Shell toes.. Check Taylor cannot support a man of that size…. I really find nothing exciting or special about that performance or his voice.  Sorry . 

(Simon is wearing a button down Sweater????? Wtf .. )

Didi is sinking next , I mean singing ….. “Play with fire”  Her voice sounds nice .. Haunting .. ( I don’t  know much about the Stones to be honest but I think this is nice .. ) I could however do without her weird facial expressions .. alright , I give her a 7 ..

Casey is  up next .. what a cute red head mom! I really like their little family . haha.. Ok- singing – Its All over now .. with the electric guitar .. southern rock style .. which , I have a soft spot for .. not the best southern rock version of a song I’ve heard .. could get in to it a bit more .. for sure.. but all in all …. A safe performance for Casey .  The judges liked it much more than I did ( Well .. Most of them anyway , Simon  agrees with me )

Lacey is coming next .. and she for sure should have gone home last week in place of Caitlyn… So there’s very little chance that she will impress me … Give it a shot Girl ..
Singing Ruby Tuesday … yeaaaok.. I’ll giver her this .. She is Improving.  She is learning to control that wild crazy voice of hers…. I MIGHT learn to like her.. As for tonight …. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

My Latin King , Andrew is coming up next .. If this kid doesn’t blow it out of the water this week I might have to officially give up on him , regardless that there are worse singers on the show .. he NEEDS to perform.  (His dad thought he was going to be a custodian.. hahaha, so damn cute) Singing Gimme Shelter….. I don’t like this song ..  In fact- I didn’t like anything about that. Boo .  Boo effing hoo .

Katie Stevens … I’d bet money she sings Wild Horses …… (Hi by the way CUTE DRESS !)  WOOOO WILD HORSES . Damn, I’m Good.  She better, be better than Boyle. This … is not good .. no .. I feel like I’m watching a pagent.

Alrighty, next up is Tim Urban … Let me just remind you , he has a killer body J
Reggae ??? Under My Thumb ……..  I hate Reggae anything … that really was bothersome.

Siobhan .. have I mentioned HOW much I hate that name – I really want to spell it CHIVON …. I might start .. just because ..  Anyway , singing  Paint it Black. What and ODD arrangement already … and LOOK AT HER … wow …. (that dress is from Lulu’s.com)  her FEET ARE HUGE …. I really hate  this arrangement ..  and OMG. STFU .. It’s official My ears are bleeding. Jesus Christ Judges .. kill me . That was brutal. I hope you all have nightmares after you watch that back.

Lee  is up next .. god lord.. save me. Snugglepuss .. Awwwwww .
Beast of Burden … playing the guitar …  He’s got a nice voice… I really enjoy him ..  I can picture him actually making a cd sounding like this .. and I would consider listening to it . He’s got it .  best performance of the night … and it stopped the bleeding of my ears .

Paige Miles is up next … She REALLY shouldn’t have been here this should have been Lillys Spot .. and low and behold …. Paige has a throat infection , can anyone say Karma?  Honky Tonk Woman……. You can  hear the sick in her voice … yea she can go..

Aaron Kelly is next .. personally I think he is far too young to be on the show….  And I don’t think he’s all that talented .. So  let’s see how this goes. Singing Angie ….Ok.. This is one of his better performances .. perhaps because he isn’t trying to sing country ??  (Alright mom … he’s doing ok tonight …..  this is my mom’s fav boy … )  he did an alright job . I’ll give him props.

Last and one of my least Favorites .. ( who tends to be the crowd and judge fav .. ) Crystal … yippppppie yay…  ( If you’re born to play the guitar and be a performer , here’s a hint don’t F up and have a kid … ) Singing You can’t always get what you want… You know its’s going to be good … I hope they do something like broadway week next week so Crystal ISNT good. Regardless I can’t look at her … she needs serious dental work and the dreads are DREADFULL.

Alright Kids … You’ve heard my 2 cents … ( Or more as the case may be )
Enjoy the rest of your Week! J


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