Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome All........ and .. me..

Well .. Hello there... is .. this thing on ....? 

Tonight I decided , after much consideration ... and an impulse post on my fb/twitter - followed by an overwhelming positive response ..... to start, This , Food blog.

Expect some serious typo's ... so many things misspelled... Oooh , it could be a total mess for a good long while .. What I hope to do eventually is to  be more like the Pioneer Woman ! .. If you've never seen her blog you are not only missing one of my favorite sites on the entire interdweeb... you are missing some of the BEST recipes and stories and photos.. Oh man .. why are you even still here! ? Go look.. NOW ..

No ! Wait! Finish .. then go look  :)

So on with my thought, I would like to review recipes, restaurants, new foods that I try ... ( In addition to that , I'd LOVE if you all would send in YOUR thoughts/reviews that you'd like me to post, and so on as well ). As soon as I come up with a format for that to work , I will post that and begin that asap! 

So I hope you'll all follow me , read on, try my recipes .... comment, comment, comment!!! and most of all enjoy. 

-Love, Lisamarie 
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