Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Idol night!

Tonight is Beatles night! Wooo!!  I love me some Beatles!!!

Ok. Lennon/McCartney .. Whatever. The songs are great- lets see how the contestants do with them !

First Up is Aaron Singing The Long And Winding Road.... well .. its a kind of Bland song .. so it fits for Aaron. He keeps picking songs that he can't relate to .... It bothers me .. He's 16 .. he hasn't made it down one BEND in the road. He is also singing poorly. Sorry Yoda. Ifff you liked that ..which I hope you didn't - 
Aarons # 1-866-436-5701, Or text the word vote to 5701. 

Katie is singing Let it Be- One of my top 10 Fav Beatles songs..... Worried a bit about this because I feel like she doesn't have the chops to sing much of anything .. let's see. 
WOW Katies ponytail is more like a HORSE tail. Nice start . I like the toned down upper register. She showed some good control.. nice growth over the last week . I liked this muchly.
Katies # 1-866-436-5702, Or text the word vote to 5702.

 Andrew Garcia is singing next and I am really disappointed with the song choice. He SHOULD Have song Come together- with the acoustic guitar and a funky beat .. but no.. instead, we get Can't Buy Me Love.  I'm worried.  Not quite the twist I was expecting ... alright, I won't lie- NOT AT ALL what I was expecting. I am used to and LIKE acoustic Andrew.. Not sure about funkmeister Andrew. This was kind of just lukewarm for me . 
Andrews # 1-866-436-5703, Or text the word vote to 5703. 

Michael Lynch is up next .. and I am pretty pissed that he is Singing Elenor Rigby. MOSTLY because I do love the original, and even more So I LOVED the  Version that David Cook did a few years back .. So. yea. alright.. you might as well just shoot me in the face now ... I HATE this . 
Mikes # 1-866-436-5704, Or text the word vote to 5704.  (Don't .. that made me suicidal)

Crystal is up next .. Singing ... Come together.. which- again Pisses me off.. because it is my favorite  Beatles song of ALL TIME. FINE . FINE FINE FINE . I liked it . That will be all . 
Crystals # 1-866-436-5705, Or text the word vote to 5705.

Tim is next .. singing  All my Loving.....yeaaaa..... talk about gimmicky. 
But his tone is so nice .. and I like his hair . Really though kids.. It's time for Tim to go home . Aaron's # Tims # 1-866-436-5706, Or text the word vote to 5706.

Casey is singing next .. Jealous Guy- I can't say I am to familiar with this song ? 
BUT HOT DAMN .  giving me chills.. sounds so good.
Caseys # 1-866-436-5707, Or text the word vote to 5707.

Siobhan is up next singing Across The Universe.. please Don't Scream. 
She needs a stylist .. good lord. 
It's pretty .. but I'm not really her biggest fan .. I don't love her vocal tone.
yea that really didn't do anything for me at all. 
Siobhans # 1-866-436-5708, Or text the word vote to 5708.

Lee is closing the show with a killer choice - Hey Jude. 
He's going with a seemingly classic take on the song ... and it sounds nice . he's got a pleasing voice. 
Annnd welcome a bagpipe.. which Might be one of the most irritating instruments ever .. but hey - its interesting. I liked it .
Lees# 1-866-436-5709, Or text the word vote to 5709

ONCE AGAIN,  for me Casey Took the night :)

followed up by Lee :)


Karly on April 6, 2010 at 8:12 PM said...

I liked Crystal

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