Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Idol.. Migraine...

Struggling through Idol tonight With a Migraine .. Excuse the shitty post !

Songs of Inspiration.

Top 7 ....

Singing first is Casey - Don't stop, By  Fleetwood Mac . 
Good song for him.  But WOW they overdid the fake tan .. wow .
I liked it ... 
You can figure out the #'s tonight .... yea. 

Second up Lee is singing the Boxer ....I do love Simon and Garfunkle. 
( I don't like Alicia Keys BTW) 
Not a great choice for Lee as far Pitch goes -but honestly the song is giving me chills, Love Lee's voice. 
I also like the staging , with the single beam of light on Lee.... It was nice . 

Tim is singing Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls.... Kind of a nice vocal choice for him 
However not my fav song ... Hmmm starting off a little poorly , too low .. and a bit pitchy..  He seems way nervous . Poor kid . Not good . not good at all . 

Aaron singing I believe I can Fly ... which is like musical suicide. 
Not going to help my Migraine . Oy . 
High School Talent show . gah . 

Siobhan ..When you believe.. 
I hate her tone . 
Awful . And thats not even my migraine talking .. yuck .

Mike is #6 and singing Hero.... Not Mariah's version though .. Good lord . 
I like this song. I hate Mike. I would turn the station if I ever heard his voice on the radio. seriously.

Crystal is last. I should really stop right now .. but I'll go ahead and listen ... Singing People Get Ready ... I dont know this song ? If you don't look at her.... that was Great ( the beginning accapella) ... 
damn , that was great. 

I give the night to Lee and Crystal. :) 


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