Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shania Week ...

And I am not even sure If I want to watch .... it would have been better if it was just country in general .. but no ..Shania.. Kill me .

First up Is my Favorite .. Lee 
Singing You're Still the One.. I really love his voice... I love the choices that he is making with song.
I got the shivver down my spine with that with that song . Great choice Lee. That was Great .
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Big Mike is up next .. Singing It Only Hurt's When I Breathe ..
( Could be all those Donuts Buddy ... ) Ahem no seriously..

awful .
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Casey is up next, Singing Don't .... 
I'm actually Liking this so far.. granted its 10 words in .. 
and all the way through I  really liked it , at the very end I almost got the shivver. I really liked it!
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Crystal is singing No one needs to know....
She thinks it applies to her and her boyfriend ..hmmmmm .....
She wants him to man up and propose. Dumbass. ;) 
I maintain, she should never be cast in a warm color shade.... gah those teeth.
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Aaron is next ... Kill me . I mean Singing You Got a Way... Now can I Say it ?? Ok . KILL ME . 
That was not good.. and I don't know why the judges are being so Kind ????
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Siobhan closes the show with Any Man of Mine.. again . Kill me .. I mean If I wasn't dead yet ... 
 WHHYYY must sheee sing through her nose... and then scream .. omg.
I can't... 
If you liked that .. you are tone deaf ... and  you can figure out the #'s for yourself .  

Goodnight . 

Night goes to Lee and Casey . no question. 


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