Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Elvis Night!

Makes me want a Hunka Hunka PB and Banana sandwhich ......

Top 9 .. again cause Last week Big Mike .. the one who made me want to hang myself.. yea.. him .. he was SAVED...
Lots to pack into this mere hour.. because right after GLEE returns ! WOO!
 Let's get this show on the road :)

Adam Lambert is the mentor .. which I'm NOT sure how that connects .. but whatever ..

First up is Crystal singing Saved ( is that right ? Without mjsbigblog.com's spoilers I might be off on some song titles.. whoops! )
Kind of a gospel feel .... in a strange kind of way . it was solid. but not special .
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Next up is Andrew ( He is in danger tonight if you ask me ... let's see if he can save himself )
Adam told him he was boring .. ohboy -this could be brutal... the whole idea was Andrew was supposed to change it up .. and make it his own ............ He did not .  I didn't like it , and it was in fact, Boring.
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Tim is up next ... Singing I cant help falling in love ..... And the time spent with Adam sounded great ...
Soft Acoustic Guitar .. Love this ... fantastic.
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Lee is singing , Little less Conversation -- and it is sounding kind of nice ......... So Im excited.
He's got a great voice.. kind of a boring song though..
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Aaron is singing Blue Suede shoes ... yippie...SO CHEESY .... god..... make it stop ..
I can't even take this kid seriously . At all . Lord. 
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Siobhan is screaming .. I mean singing next ... I'm slightly Concerned for my eardrums.
HOLY SHIT, her hair ... Bad.. bad bad bad.
Singing Suspicious Minds... Not my fav Elvis song- Fitting really ... since I really dislike Her too! 
Nasal. horrible arrangement . Really America?? why is she still here .
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Saved Mike is next .
He's singing In the Ghetto... nottttt that surprising.  ( I like Adam L- he's really truthful, I like it )
That song really fell Flat for me. 
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Katie is next ..... Singing Baby what do you want me to do ... She looks like a mini Kara tonight .. haha.
She could sound a bit stronger .. but all in all not so bad. 
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Casey Closes the show. WOO Don't let me down boy!
Lawdy Miss Claudie ( I probably didn't spell that right .... ) 
I love Casey-- I could listen to him sing all day.
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Tonight , TIM, Lee and Casey .... #1's for me ......

Next Glee!! :)


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