Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Songs Of Sinatra!

Top 5!

This could be one of those amazing nights, or one of those that CRASH AND BURN !! 
Either way , I'll give you the reviews, And I'll do it ... My wayyyy ... 

(I'm a huge Sinatra Nerd.. haha beware!)

- Oh I forgot to mention, Harry Connick Jr is mentoring .. what a great Mentor !

Aaron Kelly will Sing First - Fly me too the Moon. 

An Obvious Choice for a youngin' Like Aaron .. While I think that  it is TIME FOR HIM TO GO HOME .... he Probably will have a good night given the theme ?? Let's see.
** On a totally unrelated to his vocals note** I HATE his performance stance ... the way he stands, May actually offend me. I also hate the way he threw a country spin on a Sinatra song. That was kind of horrible. But overall, that song was an easy song for him to sing - and it was fine. I still dislike him. That is not going to change. 

To Vote for Aaron, Dial 1-866-436-4701 OR 1-866-436-4706, Or Text the Word Vote to 5701

Casey James is up next- Singing Blue Skies.

I am worried for Casey tonight, who isn't really..? This is NOT his genre.. southern blues meets Sinatra .. SO! Let's see how this goes! 
BAD first note... But now that he's getting into it ........ Ok.. I take it back . That was VERY flat . very very flat.  Sort of unfortunate.  

To Vote for Casey, Dial 1-866-436-4702 OR 1-866-436-4707, Or Text the Word Vote to 5702

Crystal takes the  middle spot singing Summer Wind.
The only girl left ....  This could be incredible, it could be horrible.
I really like her dress. 
I think she sounds, alright ..........it's not her style .. and I don't love it by any means.
I also want to point out, they FINALLY CAST HER IN A COOL TONE .
She looks lovely tonight.

To Vote for Crystal, Dial 1-866-436-4703 OR 1-866-436-4708, Or Text the Word Vote to 5703

Mike is next. He is the Votefortheworst.com pick of the week. I must say , I agree that he is worst, However I would never encourage anyone to Vote for a bad singer , In fact I will not post Mike's Numbers unless he changes my mind with this performance. That being said he is singing,  The Way You Look Tonight.  A Classic :)
- Mike is overdramatic, in the way he dresses, the way he performs, acts , speaks , everything . Ugh.
why not just break out into COME TO THE CABARET OLE' CHUMMM.
Over sung . Over performed. He belongs in a  musical theater group. Not on Idol. Sorry. 

Not posting his #'s. 

CLOSING the show Is LEE! This is another one who I am very worried for. My favorite singer, Taking on Sinatra ........ Singing That's Life :)

Not just because I love Lee. But because That was AWESOME.

To Vote for Lee, Dial 1-866-436-4705 OR 1-866-436-4710, Or Text the Word Vote to 5705

THE NIGHT GOES TO LEE. The ONLY good performance of the night . :)


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