Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well It's been a while.

.... and I don't have a full post .. but I'd like to share a few things that I've made in the past weeks.. and if anything strikes anyones fancy .. perhaps I can make a point to make  a full recipe post :)

so .. hit it !

For National Chocolate Cake Day , I did  Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Chambord Spiked milk chocolate ganache , and topped with chambord Buttercream .. hellllooo heaven...

Over the weekend a caramel cake-- with a cream cheese icing ..

The BEST Chocolate chip cookies Ive ever had .. ( then I begged my co worker for the recipe .. and was lucky enough to get it .. )

Chambord and Grand Marnier Spiked Milk Chocolate Truffles ...

annnddd I think I'll end with a Birthday cake I did .....  White cake .. Filled with  Whipped Semi Sweet Chocolate Ganache and Cherries ..  coated in Amaretto Buttercream and Fondant, decorated with fondant seqins and a rose... :)


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